Monday, April 4, 2016

Sweet Lassi

Lassi, chhaas or buttermilk is must-have drink in most Punjabi households. It is a very popular drink in North India and is had during winters and summers both, normally after eating breakfast or lunch as it aids digestion. It is a simple beverage made with yoghurt that tastes good either ways - salty or sweet and can be combined with fruits to give it a colourful and flavoursome variation. Mango Lassi and rose lassi are two such variations. The salty versions of lassi are equally delicious. It is mostly seasoned with salt and roasted cumin seeds ground to a powder and devoured chilled.

This sweeter version of lassi has been a regular drink after our late brunch on most FridaysLittle M and his dad love to stir up this simple drink which is creamy, sweet and every bit refreshing on a hot afternoon.

Makes 2 glasses


1 cup thick yoghurt
1/2 cup cold milk
1/2 cup cold water
Sugar, to taste


Blend together until creamy soft peaks of yoghurt surface.

Add lots of ice cubes to an empty glass and pour in the lassi.

Provide spoons to scoop out the creamy yoghurt peaks and laugh off at spotting a white mustache of cream forming on each others mouth. :-)

Do you like your lassi sweet or salty?

Tell me how you enjoy this drink. I'd love to read your ideas.


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Thanks for reading! :-)

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