Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bombay sandwich or Pudina chutney sandwich

It is great to feel the chill in the evenings in the UAE in the month of March. We love to spend our weekends outdoors in the lap of nature. It is in the winter season that we like to ditch the malls and plan picnics, barbecue sessions at the numerous parks, beaches and in the serene deserts in the UAE.

Seems like winter has just a few more of these lovely chilly weekends in its kitty for us. And we are making the most of the pleasant weather before the harsh summers take over.

Last weekend we went to explore the many lakes in Al Qudra and indeed it was one great adventure as we drove around really close to the lake and took in all the beautiful sights, one scene at a time.

It was serene and calm as many people circled around the lakes setting up their picnic tables and lighting up the bonfire to either sing and dance around or begin their barbecues.

We took in the fresh chilly winds and strolled around the lake, taking in the beautiful views of the sunset and admiring the only music of chirping of birds, quacking of ducks, laughter of kids and the sounds of clapping and singing from a group of people circling around a bonfire at a distance.

Little M loved feeding bread to the beautiful ducks adorning the lake and later took out his sand play toys to play and mold the wet mud. His clothes were literally covered in wet sand but his eyes were shiny as he smiled brightly twisting and shaping the sand with his hands.

We went with a few chicken wraps (bought on our way) and these Bombay chutney sandwiches that Little M helped me put together. The little guy insists that I let him help me whenever I am working in the kitchen so I happily hand him simple tasks such as washing the veggies or buttering the bread. He puts in his 100 percent concentration to complete what is handed to him. That I really love!

It gets messy when he is around to lend his helping hand and takes a bit longer to get done with the task at hand but I let him do it anyway as I feel it is very important for him to learn certain simple life skills such as buttering a toast or cracking an egg.

So we go along the entire procedure singing songs and reciting rhymes, talking about the food we are prepping as Little M licks the butter and bites into a carrot.

These Bombay sandwiches are pretty easy. They require some mint dip or pudina chutney, veggies of your choice and taste yummy when toasted. (You can find the super simple recipe of the mint dip here). These simple sandwiches can be had as a snack, packed into snack box for school or office, carried along on picnics and even served as a quick breakfast.

It is healthy and nutritious and perfect to feed our little ones who shy away from eating their vegetables. Whenever there is fresh mint chutney sitting in the fridge, this is a go-to snack for me,  simple, quick and packed with the goodness of veggies.

 Let me share how we put together our Bombay sandwiches:

Bread slices
Mint chutney
1 boiled potato, peeled and sliced
1 boiled beetroot, peeled and sliced
1 onion, sliced
1 cucumber, sliced
salt and chat masala, if required


We started by buttering the bread and then smearing it with green pudina chutney.

Then we arrange our veggies starting with boiled potato and beetroot slices.

Next we top it with a slice of cheese and close our sandwich and toast in the toaster until crisp.

We didn't add any salt or seasoning as the salted butter and pudina chutney lent its taste and I didn't want to make it spicy as it was being prepared for Little M.

At times when I am making it for husband and myself, I like to sprinkle some salt and chat masala to give it a chat-pata, tangy flavour.

Once the toast is ready just open it a little and put in your onion and cucumber slices. I don't want them to lose their crunch which is why I add them after the toasts are done.

The Bombay sandwiches are ready in under 10 minutes.

Serve it with tomato ketchup or with a cup of kadak chai or strong tea!

How do you like to make your sandwiches?

If you try this recipe do share your pictures with me on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #DilliToDubai.

Please share your thoughts on this quick breakfast in the comments section below. I would love to read what you think. :-)

Thanks for reading!

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