Tuesday, February 23, 2016

An afternoon at Bosporus Dubai

A number of times when we pass by the posh Jumeirah road which is dotted with villas and countless fine dining restaurants, I would be excited to see the banner of 'Bosporus' restaurant and would suggest the husband to visit it sometime.

Why excited to see the banner of this restaurant, you might think. Well, simply because we have visited the country where it belongs to.

Bosporus is a Turkish restaurant and is named after the geographically important Bosphorus bridge.

A click of the beautiful Hagia Sophia mosque from our trip to Istanbul a few years ago
It is not an ordinary bridge. Bosphorus bridge connects the two continents of Europe and Asia and is the most famous landmark of Turkey's largest city - Istanbul.

Sadly I don't have a picture of the said bridge but I do remember the ferry ride that we took beneath the iconic bridge on a cool windy morning in January 2014.

A couple of weeks back the husband bought a deal of pizzas for Bosporus from Cobone and we visited its Jumeirah outlet just a day before Valentines.

Bosporus is located at five locations in Dubai with its Turkish architecture-inspired interiors in Downtown Dubai and Wafi Mall among other locations. We landed at one of their two Express branches, in Jumeirah which is a mini cafe with only a few tables. Little did we know that the outlet we are going to be visiting will be a mini express outlet. By the time we reached we were quite hungry so we anyway sat in their one of the few outdoor tables to have a lunch of Turkish pizzas. May be we will visit their outlet at Wafi to experience their full-fledged ambiance of Turkey.

The weather is nice here in Dubai these days and was particularly pleasant that afternoon so we enjoyed sitting outside enjoying the view of expensive cars parading down the Jumeirah road, a usual sight in that part of Dubai. There was only one more occupied table and no other customers, which was surprising on a Saturday (an off-day for most people in UAE) afternoon.

Since we had the option of ordering two pizzas we decided to order their medium-sized Turkish Pizza (with vegetables) and another one a Chicken Pizza, both priced at a very reasonable AED 45 each. But our server told us we can only order the vegetable pizza, and we questioned her saying, 'if both the pizzas are priced same and our voucher doesn't specify the choice of pizza, then why can't we order pizzas of our choice?' Finally, she gave us the benefit of doubt and twenty minutes later we had these beauties sitting atop our tables accompanied by fries and cola.

Being a fan of thin-crust pizzas, I was delighted by the sight of these two round beauties laying cheerfully in front of me. Seeing the size of their pizza we were sure we (2 adults and a four-year-old) won't be able to finish them.

The vegetable pizza was full of veggies, which pleased me as a mother that Little M was going to eat something healthy and not full of cheese. It was perfectly spiced with Arabic spices and was neither too soft nor very crisp. I did find it difficult to chew on the sides of the pizza crust and refrained to give the sides of the pizza to Little M.

The chicken pizza was a delight with wonderfully roasted pieces of chicken which had a barbecue/tandoori taste to it and full of goodness of veggies. Pizzas for us fared to be 8/10.

Service was 7/10 and I wouldn't rate them on ambiance since I visited Bosporus Express outlet.

The other dishes that caught my eye on their menu and would like to try on my next visit is definitely Lahmacun (looked like a flat pizza bread full of minced meat) and their Doner Kebab rolls and Sauteed Vegetables with Chicken.

All in all it is not very highly priced eating option with delectable food for someone who needs just what Bosporus provides - Your Bridge To Turkey!

The opinions expressed in this write-up are my own and have not been influenced by Bosporus Dubai in any form.

You can visit their website for reservations and more information.

Leaving you with another beautiful view from Turkey

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